Insuring Vegan Food Production Facilities

Akin to conventional food production facilities, vegan food production facilities likewise require comprehensive coverage. The diverse exposures faced by plant-based manufacturers demand an insurance expert who “gets it” — on several levels. It makes sense to work with a firm comparably committed to your mission to bring high-quality, cruelty-free food items to market. Be it cashew cheese or eggless meringue, fakin’ bacon or frozen faux fish filets, VAPI’s founder quite likely already enjoys the ethical edibles you sell. Why not in turn invest in a principled professional who unreservedly supports those very goods you’re dedicated to distributing?

Types of Exposures in Your Food Business

First you need to consider the liability risks inherent in any company, such as slips and falls to parties other than employees, and third-party property damage that can result in a lawsuit. As a vegan food manufacturer, you will also have additional liability risks involving product recall. For example, a labeling error may cause some products to be recalled as they mistakenly contain an item unsuitable for vegans, affecting the integrity of the product. Other product recalls involve foods that contain undeclared soy and nut allergens.

Liability risks also include employment practices-related issues involving employee allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, and wage and hour disputes, to name a few.

Analyzing your property exposures is critical, as well. As a vegan food manufacturer, you have a significant investment in the building you occupy and the equipment you own or lease that can be damaged from fire or another type of catastrophe. It is not only the cost of getting the property back to where it was and equipment operating again, but also your business interruption exposure can be significant.

On-the-job injuries are also a substantial exposure for all types of manufacturers with workplace safety a top priority.

These are just some of the issues that our insurance professionals at VAPI will discuss with you.