Insuring Animal Sanctuaries

Just like the animals we all love and adore, sanctuaries come in all shapes, sizes and stripes. Whether you rescue and rehab endangered species or wildlife, farmed animals or reptiles, primates or horses, we know what you’re up to and we applaud your indispensable efforts. VAPI’s founder has visited several sanctuaries, and the profound experiences he’s had are a significant reason why his professional endeavors cater to fellow vegans and animal rights activists like you. Sanctuaries bring out the best in people, from the founders to the staff, the volunteers to the visitors. To say nothing of the animals themselves.

With great power comes great responsibility. Providing refuge to animals in need is a colossal contribution and isn’t without its risks. VAPI delivers the safety net and security required to sustain the invaluable work you do. We offer the insurance products, expertise and experience — plus the compassion and commitment — to protect your organization from loss and liability.