Insuring Vegan Goods & Manufacturing

Not tested on animals. Seven little syllables with massive meaning that routinely impact the purchasing decisions of enumerable vegans and non-vegans alike. For so many, veganism is eventually reached by way of forever paying attention to cruelty-free certifications on shampoo bottles, mascara tubes, paint cans and aerosol canisters. Then there are those who take pains to ensure fur plays no part in their winter wardrobe. Where would we be in 2016 without vegan personal care and household products, as well as vegan apparel and accessories? Someplace much less progressive.

VAPI recognizes that it’s not enough to eschew fashion from just our fuzzy friends, and our founder is intimately familiar with why and how manufacturers like you are working to achieve compassionate standards for makeup, bath and body products, cleaning solutions, and everything from coats and shoes to handbags and belts. When he became vegan, Steven purged his home of all items and articles that didn’t align with his newfound moral code.

Different from your average insurer, VAPI is proudly privy to the most elemental cornerstones of your company. Coverage is a given necessity, but lining the pockets of folks at a firm that with your premiums undermine your core principles proves beyond backwards. Every dollar we spend is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. Which broker are you voting for?