Incorporating Locally Sourced Foods onto Your Menu

The clean-eating and ethical treatment of animal movement has taken the nation by storm. From coast to coast, more and more people are seeking healthy alternatives to traditional recipes and want to support locally grown and sustainable foods. With that being said, getting your restaurant on board will have a significant impact on your business. Therefore, in addition to securing your establishment with a comprehensive and customized Vegan Restaurant Insurance Program, ensure your locally sourced food is vegan-friendly.

According to the 2016 Restaurant Industry Forecast, 57 percent of adults say they look for limited-service restaurants that serve locally sourced food, while 45 percent say an important factor is the availability of organic or environmentally friendly food. Therefore, here’s how to get started on implementing these practices into your own restaurant.

Go to farmer’s markets.

See what local and fresh ingredients are available and in season. Not only do fresh ingredients taste better, you will be helping to support your local community.

Conduct research.

If your grocery store supports any local brands, see what local producers are listed on the back of their products. Get in touch with them and see if you can work a deal so they can supply their products to your restaurant, as well.

Work on sustainability.

From winemakers to vegan cheese makers, it’s important to build relationships with producers in order to get sustainable products. Visiting your local farmer’s market is one great way to find essential ingredients for your restaurant.

Minimize the menu.

Keep it simple and delicious. Work with the ingredients you find at farmer’s markets to produce a small menu that is easy to cook. However, as these items are fresh and seasonal, remind your customers that their favorite dishes will likely be going off the menu until the following season. Remind them of what is in available and what’s to come!

At Vegan & Animal Professionals Insurance Agency (VAPI), we support both start-ups and those restaurants that have been around bringing quality and ethical foods to the table for ages. We bring our insurance expertise and personal vegan lifestyle to help safeguard your operation from the risks one faces when running a business. For more information, contact us today at (866) 599-8182.