The Challenges That Animal Shelters Face

It’s been a national issue for years: pet overpopulation. With thousands of unwanted and stray cats and dogs found on the streets each year, local shelters are doing their best to rehabilitate and rehome these animals. However, funds and resources are limited, and not every shelter believes in the “no-kill” motto. While these noble shelters struggle to make a difference and protect these animals’ lives, there are undoubtedly numerous challenges that they face. As we explore these challenges, ensure your operation is backed by a customized and comprehensive Animal Shelter Insurance Program to mitigate loss and financial responsibility from the various risks you regularly face.

According to Pets in Texas, no-kill shelters face immense pressures to care for the animals they possess as well as take in the constant stream of additional homeless pets that come their way. Because their resources are limited, they sometimes have to refuse animals brought to them; The unwanted pet crisis is made worse by a lack of public support. Adoption levels of unwanted pets are low, as is the financial support shelters receive from their communities.

In addition to regular feeding and medical care, some pets require a bigger investment to keep them healthy. For example, there are plenty of pregnant, nursing, ill, and senior dogs that are surrendered and found on the streets each year, all of which require more resources and money to care for.

Next, the lack of space is a common issue. It should come as no surprise to find out that there are vastly more unwanted animals than available spaces in shelters, contributing to the stress. Especially as no-kill shelters do not euthanize pets, their facilities can be overbooked rapidly.

Lastly, there is the risk of handling ill-tempered animals. As they are brought in from the streets and often have to fend for themselves, aggression as a defense and the potential for a staff member to become injured is great.

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