Vegan Food Production Safety

Like any industry, the food production sector comes with its own fair share of risks. With the right training and safety precautions, these exposures can be significantly reduced. Therefore, in addition to protecting your employees and your bottom line with a comprehensive Vegan Food Production Workers’ Comp Insurance program, heed the following advice for keeping your workers safe on the job.

Preventing cuts.

Always store knives in a proper knife block or in a drawer with protective sleeves. Next, your employees should use cutting boards that are slip resistant while keeping sharp objects pointed away from them when they are not in use. Blades should be sharp, as dull knives are even more dangerous to use. Next, always make sure your workers wear the right personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, slip resistant shoes, and aprons.

Use powerful equipment properly.

Get proper training in operating the equipment and doing the job safely before using any equipment. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction manual when you operate, clean, and maintain the equipment on a regular schedule and ensure that proper lockout/tag out procedures are in place to prevent disaster, explains EHS. Be sure to tuck hair in a hair net, secure loose clothing, and remove all jewelry prior to operating any food processing equipment. When your employees are finished with the machinery, advise them to replace all safeguards and protective covers.

Avoiding slips and falls.

Basic ergonomic training should be completed by all employees to ensure they lift and haul equipment the proper way. Nonslip mats should line the floors, ladders need to have nonslip feet, railings should be in good condition and the facility should be well lit at all times. Ensure receiving areas are free of obstructions and housekeeping practices are completed promptly to clean up spills and trip hazards.

Report potential hazards.

If any of your employees see anything that could cause a safety hazard, ensure they have somewhere to report it to immediately. Appoint a manager to oversee the safety of your employees on a regular basis and inspect the facility throughout the day.

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