Vegan Restaurant Marketing: Tips for Success

The vegan community is a tight-knit one. Especially as this lifestyle has become more and more popular over the last few years, your vegan restaurant is bound to flourish. However, like any restaurant, your success depends on more than just opening your doors and serving quality meals. Instead, heed the following advice for incorporating modern techniques into your marketing strategy. In addition, protect your operation with a customized Vegan Restaurant Insurance program to mitigate risk and combat common exposures faced among the industry.

Build your restaurant inside out- starting with your community.

Local outreach has been an extremely effective marketing initiative to reach a targeted audience with an immediate return on investment. At the end of the day, on snowy Mondays and rainy Tuesdays, the neighbors are the ones that will come support your business, explains Matt Levine, one of New York City’s most acclaimed restaurateurs. Focus on the message your restaurant wishes to portray- healthy, ethical meals free of animal byproducts- and build a sense of community with your customers- especially your regulars. Incorporate these ideas into your branding, as well.

Go beyond the sale.

In addition to showcasing your stunning menu items, incorporate personal elements into your restaurant’s marketing strategy. For example, introduce new employees, promote your purveyors, share information about your local growers and suppliers, and explore your neighborhood via social media. Next, focus on customer service. Remember, marketing efforts can get a new customer to walk in the door, but your superior service and quality food will keep them coming back for more.

Pay attention to social media followers.

These social media practices help give us instant information, real-time experience and feedback from guests, while also pointing out any potential influencers and opinion leaders. You get to hear and see from your guests’ unsolicited perspective while also getting the opportunity to fix any potential real time issues, explains Levine to Open Table.

Any issues can be addressed immediately to ensure your guests have a more than satisfactory visit to your vegan restaurant. Further, showing your customers that their opinions are valued, especially on such a public forum, will only improve your reputation within the vegan community and your followers.

Solicit feedback from guests.

This goes hand-in-hand with paying attention to your social media followers. Requesting genuine feedback from customers lets them know you’re willing to go one step further to gain their business and ensure they are happy. Try leaving a comment card with the check to allow guests to give their honest feedback. Take their compliments and concerns to heart and work to implement solutions in the future.

At Vegan & Animal Professionals Insurance Agency (VAPI), we support both start-ups and those restaurants that have been around bringing quality and ethical foods to the table for ages. We bring our insurance expertise and personal vegan lifestyle to help safeguard your operation from the risks one faces when running a business. For more information, contact us today at (866) 599-8182.