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Insurance Strategies for Vegan Festivals

Vegan & Animal Professionals Insurance Agency knows that vegan festivals and events are no longer in their infancy. Reside in a big city? Plant-based events—from elaborate ticketed productions to littler local gatherings—are everywhere. Veg fests and the like are popping up more and more and, in spite of being basically the best invention ever, the show can’t go on without insurance. That’s where VAPI enters the picture, tending to behind-the-scenes details that ensure your shindig (whatever it entails) is properly protected. From liability coverage to event cancellation, VAPI helps safeguard your investment and so much more.

You will also need workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees in the event of an accident or injury on the job. In addition, if you are transporting goods, food, beverages, and equipment to the venue, you need to have a commercial auto policy in place.

With the rising numbers of vegan eaters, more cruelty-free options and events are hitting the market, from grocery store items to restaurants to food festivals. Contact VAPI today to back your business with comprehensive, competitive insurance programs.

From Product to Property to Professional: Liability Insurance for Your Vegan Event

There are many elements to consider when the product, property, or professional liability insurance policies for vegan festivals and events. Vegan & Animal Professionals Insurance Agency walks you through the fine points of selecting proper coverage.

  • General liability: This protects you if someone’s property is damaged or someone is hurt during your event. The policy will cover the costs of damage repair, medical expenses, and legal fees. We look at factors such as the number of people in attendance, the extent of coverage, limits required by the venue, and whether the event is held indoors or outside.
  • Liquor liability: If you are serving beer or wine, you need to secure this coverage so that if a patron gets drunk and hurts themselves or another person, you are protected. If one of your vendors is selling alcohol, you need to be sure they are carrying liquor liability insurance.
  • Event cancellation coverage: There are many circumstances that may cause your event to be canceled. If you cancel or move, this coverage helps with the costs incurred.
  • Vendor insurance: Most if not all festivals and events have food and merchandise vendors. It’s important that each vendor takes responsibility for their activities and the possible claims that might come up. For example, food vendors might accidentally serve contaminated food, or a merchandise vendor might leave something in a walkway that a patron could trip over. If the vendors don’t have their own general liability coverage, then you might have to pay for damage or injuries. To avoid responsibility for the actions of others, it’s important that all vendors carry their own insurance coverage. Be sure to request Certificates of Insurance from your vendors and ask each vendor to add you as an “additional insured” on their policy.

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