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Why us? Vegan and Animals Professionals Insurance Agency

Vegan & Animal Professionals Insurance Agency is committed to supporting the continued growth and success of ethical, sustainable and healthful products and services — today, tomorrow and beyond. After all, veganism is the future. (And the future is now!)

You’re paving the way, forging a path while opening hearts and minds (and mouths)! We are in awe of what you do — be it serving plant-based cuisine or manufacturing cruelty-free cosmetics, operating an animal sanctuary or organizing a veg fest. You have enough to juggle, which is where VAPI comes in.

Effecting positive change is a giant puzzle comprised of innumerable parts; the piece we represent in this great big goal is insurance. And assurance. Our game-changing clients can rest assured they’re protected, come what may, and go about their business on behalf of animals, the environment and human health without worry.

Clients can also take comfort in knowing their premiums are paid to comrades in this noble endeavor to improve circumstances for the planet’s most vulnerable inhabitants. VAPI “gets it.” We won’t be spending our hard-earned premiums on a steak dinner, or even a cheese omelet. Seitan and tofu scramble, please!

We welcome a candid conversation about your business or nonprofit and look forward to sharing with you how we can help. Call us anytime at (310) 377-8274.

We insure the following businesses and nonprofits:
  • Vegan Food Production
  • Vegan Restaurants
  • Vegan Goods & Manufacturing
  • Vegan Festivals & Events
  • Animal Sanctuaries
  • Animal Shelters
  • Animal Advocacy Groups
  • We'd like the opportunity to show you
    how we can make a difference in your insurance program, too.
We We Love Vegan Vegan
Friends not food
(310) 377-8274
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